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What Happens if You Can’t Pay Your Rent During Covid-19? – Stash Learn

If you’re one of the nearly 38 million people who have filed for unemployment since March, 2020, you may also be one of the many people having trouble paying rent right now. It’s particularly a concern, since average rent in the U.S. is $1,594.

4 things to discuss with your partner before you share a bank account

Are you and your significant other cohabitating sooner than planned due to the coronavirus outbreak? You’re not alone. If so, you might wonder whether it’s time to open a joint bank account. While that might seem like the appropriate thing to do, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.

I’m in my 20s – How should I approach investing? – Robinhood – 2020

For many, your 20s are often the first time that you have some cash on hand. And it can be hard to know what to do-how much to spend, whether to pay back loans, and how much (if anything) to save for the future.

How to make the most of your retirement plan during an economic downturn

Signs of an economic slowdown abound. The Department of Labor reports unemployment claims rose to 6.6 million the week ending March 28, a dramatic spike from 3.3 million the week prior. Indeed, as small businesses are forced to close due to the pandemic, jobs are being lost at a rapid clip.

Hitting The Marriage Milestone: What To Consider Money-Wise

Getting hitched is a major milestone, no doubt. And alongside the jumble of excitement mixed with a bit of nervousness, you’ll want to make sure you have your financial ducks in a row. This includes having the proper paperwork in order, going over insurance, and coming up with a spending plan.

How to Protect Your Finances During Challenging Times

Coronavirus (COVID-19), Financial Planning With the economic uncertainty due to Coronavirus ( ), you’ll want to get a grip on handling your money. It’s hard to predict how things will shake out and how the economy will ultimately shift. Perhaps recent events have already had a profound impact on your finances.

Revenge Spending: Why It Happens and How to Turn Things Around | Milk + Honey

That motorcycle you buy – without first telling your partner: Sure, it’s a major purchase that should require discussion beforehand, but they didgo on that weekend bender last month. You deserve your own rebelle sojourn, whooshing down Pacific Coast Highway, hair and heart ablaze in your BMW R1200RT.

Get Your Money: Start Your Budget on a Saturday

Know what’s a major buzzkill? When Saturday hits, and your pals want to convene for bottomless mimosas – but your bank balance is nearing zero. Not only can you not afford to go out, but you’re probably anxious about having… Full Story

How to Earn More By Side Hustling During the Holidays

To afford the holidays, you might’ve created a special end-of-year budget or you plan to use a few creative hacks to save on gift-giving. But skimp and save as you might, you could still run into holiday debt hangover. If… Full Story

Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits: How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits When Laid Off

Early Career, Unemployment While there are many reasons you might find yourself unemployed, the primary reason more individuals are out of work right now is due to COVID-19 layoffs. As COVID-19 has swept the nation, it has left many wondering what to do now.

How To Save Money As A Freelancer To Take Holiday Vacations

Budgeting Amid the typical bustle and hair-tearing stress of the holidays, I prefer to keep my professional life as relaxed as possible. That means taking off a few weeks from work at the end of the year. Adding the freelancer hustle on top of parties across town and last-minute shopping?

How to Better Your Physical and Financial Health at the Same Time

Uncategorized You may be wondering how your physical and financial health have any connection whatsoever. A few years back, after a routine checkup, my doctor had some bad news: My cholesterol and blood sugar levels were on the high end, and I was pre-diabetic.

How to Kickstart an Emergency Fund

Besides having a spending plan and saving for retirement, one of the major tenets of financial wellness is to have a healthy emergency fund. But the reality is that when you’re juggling multiple financial priorities-or simply have a rough time… Full Story

How to Save on Housing Without Downsizing

Last summer, I was forced to relocate out of my cozy, bungalow-style apartment in West L.A. Living in one of the most unaffordable rental markets in the U.S., I was resigned to the fact that, to enjoy my ideal setup… Full Story

What I Wish I Knew About Money Throughout the Years

The other week, while I was digging up weeds during my volunteership at the botanical garden, my 19-year-old colleague turned to me and asked, “Jackie, what would you tell your 20-year-old self?” Whelp. I leaned in, gave her my wise,… Full Story

When my freelance career started picking up, I looked into getting pre-approved for a mortgage. It wasn’t nearly as complicated as I thought.

As I’ve started earning more money as a freelancer and seen houses come on the market that I could afford, I decided to get pre-approved for a mortgage this year. The pre-approval process for freelancers wasn’t as challenging as I thought, and I learned being a freelancer doesn’t have to preclude you from getting a mortgage.

5 lessons I learned selling candy in 7th grade that have stuck with me ever since | Markets Insider

When I was in middle school, I sold candy to my classmates as an easy way to make money. I learned entrepreneurial basics such as figuring out how much profit I would earn, eyeing the competition, and strategizing the sell. Putting most of my earnings toward a goal helped me stay focused and motivated.

3 surprising money lessons I learned from Ashton Kutcher, the actor-investor who turned a $30 million fund into $250 million

We all know Ashton Kutcher was a heartthrob in the late ’90s/early 2000s. Like so many others, I had a huge crush on the actor, plastering my locker with photo tear-out sheets from teen magazines. Fast forward to the present, though, and grown-up Ashton Kutcher is a far cry from his role of Michael Kelso, the cute, dumb boy on That ’70s Show.

TIAA Bank Review

A debit card with added protections – TIAA Bank’s debit card comes with some features that are typically found with credit cards: extended warranty protection of up to one year, price protection up to 60 days after purchase, and return protection within 90 days after you buy something.

How to enjoy your vacation, before you even take it – Qapital

Go back Fact: Vacations are awesome. But the planning? Not so much. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation planning. While it can definitely take a toll on your energy, it turns out the planning process can be just as enjoyable and exciting – if not more – than the actual event itself.

5 Top Habits to Help You Stress Less About Your Finances

If your finances are a constant source of stress and anxiety, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, 40 percent of American adults say they would have a tough time covering an unexpected expense of $400 or more, according to the… Full Story

Insurance Needs for Single People

When you have a family, the types of insurance you need to protect your loved ones may be apparent. But what if you’re flying solo? Although you may not share the same concerns and obligations as married folks, single people… Full Story

How to Know if a Card With an Annual Fee is Worth It

When shopping for credit cards, your jaw may drop at the steep annual fee for the premium cards out there. Those gold-star perks do come with a price: We’re talking several hundred dollars and upwards. So when is the annual… Full Story

Use Email Marketing to Boost Your Side Hustle

Want to boost your side hustle? Head to Squarespace and use code “THEMUSE18” to get 10% off your first domain or website purchase. And read on for more tips! If you’re an entrepreneur who spends their mornings consulting, nights writing, or weekends designing, I hope you’ve also been collecting email addresses via a personal website.

The Business of Music: Marketing to License Your Music for Film and TV

How can you stand out from the sea of talent and get that score or song placed in a media spot? We talked to Caze Taylor, creative manager at the Los Angeles-based music creation and licensing house Score a Score, for some pro tips.

Ultimate Guide to Consolidating Your Debt | MMI

When you’re carrying a heavy debt load, it may be hard to stay on top of payments, especially if your debts are spread out across several different types of credit cards and loans. If you’re looking for ways to make it easier to repay your debt, consider debt consolidation.

9 Good Money Habits You Can Form

While you may have ambitious money goals, the key to reaching them is building a collection of smaller everyday habits. By taking baby steps that become second nature over time, you’ll hopefully be able to improve your financial situation. Here are some small habits you can develop today that may help your money grow.

Don’t Move in With Your Significant Other Before Having These 5 Talks

Thinking about cohabiting? Here’s what you two should talk about before taking this major step. So you and your partner are starting to get serious, and setting up house together is next on your list of relationship milestones.

How to Be a More Responsible Spender

This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. By this point, your eco-friendly pal probably has a reusable water bottle that accompanies them everywhere and some sturdy grocery totes that keep their plastic-bag count below par.


JPMorgan Chase BrandVoice: How Two Young Entrepreneurs Are Disrupting A Timeless Industry

How do you shake up an industry that’s been around for more than a century? Crowd-fund six-figures. Offer direct-from-the-factory designs. Build a social media following. Then, persuade the smartphone generation to sport watches. That’s how a pair of 25-year-old college dropouts and former parking valets-Kramer LaPlante and Jake Kassan-have turned MVMT, their 3-year-old accessories company, into a multi-million dollar business.

I’m a freelancer. Here’s how I budget for cash flow problems

While freelancers such as myself can admittedly roll out of bed, turn on our laptops, and work in our PJs (or err, wear the same thing several days in a row), a major trade-off in the supposed freewheeling solopreneur life is giving up a steady paycheck.

10 Money Mantras That Will Flip Your Money Mindset | Chime

When it comes to money goals, let’s face it: What you want to do and what you actually do can be two wildly different things. While you may at first be gung-ho about, say, crushing your debt, this ambition often wanes over time and these goals fall by the wayside.

Is renting a coworking space worth it for freelancers?

A few months ago, I was at a free trial day at a coworking space in downtown L.A. when my friend Aaron friend dropped in. He took a quick look around, leaned in, and whispered, “Umm…so what’s the difference between working here and working at a Starbucks?” Aaron had a point.

Is life insurance only for families?

As a single woman in her 30s, you could say I’m not in step with the traditional markers of “adulting:” getting married-or coupled, for that matter-having kids, buying a home, and so on. As life insurance is primarily geared toward those who have families and mortgages, are there any instances when a single person should consider purchasing a life insurance policy?

7 Strange Ways to Save Money that Actually Work | Chime

Budgeting can be just as personal as say, decorating your home or planning a wedding reception. And while there are a bevy of budgeting strategies out there – the 50/30/20 rule or the zero-sum budget, for starters – things get really interesting when you add in your unique spin on saving.

4 real people with side jobs explain how they manage their cash

If you have a side hustle, you know just how useful-and maybe even essential-those extra dollars are each month when it comes to reaching your money goals. You might use your earnings to pay bills, hack away at debt, invest more or fund a long-term goal, like buying a house.

Here Are the Conversations We’re Not Having About Money-and Why – Cinch Financial

As someone who writes a lot about money, and whose circle social is made up of fellow money nerds, I’ve read my fair share of content on personal finance. And despite the scads of existing PF blogs, there are a lot of conversations we could be having to help others but just aren’t.

7 Helpful Tips on Paying for Your Child’s College Tuition

It helps to get organized when you pay tuition for your college student. Discover Student Loans prepares you for paying college tuition.

Can You Really Have Fun for Free? I Gave It a Shot

If you’re trying to cut back on your spending, someone’s probably told you to swap pricey outings with free ones. Great idea! you have loads of spare time to spend scouring the Internet. But what about those of us with jobs, families and other obligations that keep us busy?

The 5 Best Ways to Use Your Tax Refund to Grow Your Money | Chime

So you’ve netted a tax refund – congrats! For 2015 taxes, the to be exact. That’s quite a wad of cash. But remember, a tax refund is really just your hard-earned income that’s been deferred for a short time.

Creative People Can Kick Butt at Managing Money – invibed

You just might be scratching your head. Creative people? Managing money? Let’s be clear about one thing: Just because you may put other things above making money (pursuing your personal projects, taking time off to make art, investing in classes and supplies), doesn’t automatically mean you suck at managing your money – or don’t care about having money.

6 Fun Things to Do Outside During the Spring | KeyBank

Soak in the fresh air and vibrant blooms of spring by visiting a nearby arboretum or botanical garden. These are often low-cost and some even offer free days to the public. If you have a family, you can save money by asking for a group discount.

How To File A Home Insurance Claim: 7 Helpful Tips – Cover

How to file a home insurance claim: 1. Contact your insurance company 2. File a police report for stolen items 3. Document everything 4. Patch up existing damage 5. Schedule an appointment for an adjuster to visit your home 6. Keep receipts of all expenses 7.

I’m splitting my stimulus check 3 ways: savings, donations, and frivolous spending – here’s why

Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, like American Express, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective. When I received my $1,2000 stimulus check a few weeks ago, I mulled over how to best use it.

Side gigs that don’t require special skills – Business Insider

But who couldn’t use a little extra money? Enter a different class of side gigs, where you get paid just for you being you. No particular skills, experience or equipment required. Too good to be true? To find out, I signed up for a few myself.

I visited the Museum of Broken Relationships with my ex and it taught me an important lesson on what I value

It’s date night at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Hollywood, and Patrick and I are poring over the museum’s collection, reading the stories attached to each artifact with lurid fascination. There’s an awkward vibe of sexual tension among our fellow museum-goers.

The best money management tools for gig workers and freelancers

Freelancers, gig economy workers, and underemployed folks can attest: Inconsistent income is an unruly, disruptive beast. It can be tough figuring out if you have enough to get by each month. Or if you’ll be able to cover your bills on time. Side hustles can be a relatively easy way to rake in some extra cash.

UFB Direct Bank Review

Decent interest rates on deposit accounts: You can get up to a 0.40% annual percentage yield (APY) on savings and money market accounts.

U.S. Bank Review

Extensive network of ATMs and physical locations – With more than 3,000 brick-and-mortar branches and 4,700 ATMs in the U.S., you won’t have a problem setting foot in a bank or pulling money from an ATM. Different types of certificates of deposits (CDs) – If you’re looking for a place to tuck your money away for a longer duration, U.S.

How Qapital taught me about happiness and fulfillment – Qapital

Go back A few years ago I decided to manage my money with Qapital. Not only has it helped me keep track of where my money goes, but I’ve also led a richer life. In turn, I’m a happier, more fulfilled me.

6 Ways to Bolster Your Emergency Fund by $500

If you’re just scraping by financially, it doesn’t take a lot for a money crisis to go down. According to research by Elevate’s Center for the New Middle Class, among non-prime Americans (aka those who have below a 700 credit… Full Story

Insurance When You’re a Freelancer

When you’re a 9 to 5er, it’s easy to take your company’s benefits for granted. And now that you’re a freelancer, one of the things you need to tend to is creating your own benefits package. Plus, as an army… Full Story

College Grads: Stepping-Stones to Starting Your Own Business

If you’re a recent college grad, you may aspire to turn your dream business into a reality. In fact, a survey conducted by the University of Phoenix reveals that 63 percent of people in their 20s were either entrepreneurs-or would… Full Story

How College Grads Can Get Started Investing

If you’ve just graduated college-first off, congrats! And as you’re creating a massive “next steps” to-do list, that might include landing your first grown-up job, moving to new stomping grounds, or creating a budget, you’ll want to add one thing:… Full Story

You’ve Got Mail: 10 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Game

Email isn’t dead. It’s simply evolving. Not only do 73% of millennials prefer to receive communication from a business via email, but it’s also still the top tactic for generating leads, beating out social media. If you’ve neglected to tend to your email marketing efforts, it could be hurting your business.

Mixing &; Mastering Your Album to Perfection

Now that you’ve laid down and recorded the tracks for your next demo or album, you’re ready to mix and master it to match your creative aspirations. And remember: just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you need to skimp on the quality.

How to Be a More Responsible Spender

This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. By this point, your eco-friendly pal probably has a reusable water bottle that accompanies them everywhere and some sturdy grocery totes that keep their plastic-bag count below par.

6 Smart Ways to Decorate for the Holidays on a Budget

This article contains affiliate links to products selected by our editors. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. By this point, your eco-friendly pal probably has a reusable water bottle that accompanies them everywhere and some sturdy grocery totes that keep their plastic-bag count below par.

How I Made My First “Real” Money from Art: Four L.A. Artists Share Their Stories

Making a living from one’s art is a Herculean feat to most. And when it happens, it could serve as a sign of validation, or perhaps offer a sliver of hope of leaving one’s uninspired day job to pursue a more personal, passionate calling.

Top Hacks to Save Money on Holiday Travel – Banking Made Awesome

‘Tis the season-to go broke. If the stress and inherent hustle-bustle of traveling during the holidays weren’t enough to pull your hair out, factor in the costs. Not-so-fun fact: Americans spent an average of $1,003 on holiday-related costs in 2016. Yikes. Whether you’re traveling to visit family or to enjoy an end-of-year getaway, here are our tips […]

I Challenged Myself to a No-Spend Weekend: Here’s What I Learned

I’m usually the type who’s always looking to save a buck but every so often, my frugal habits fall to the wayside. This tends to happen more during summer, when day trips to the beach and out-of-town visitors are the norm.

Trying to save? Here’s how to manage deprivation

So you’re dead set on saving. You’ve created a new budget, listed the amounts and deadlines for each savings goal, and feel a glowing sense of satisfaction as you jot it all down in your bullet journal. Now all you need to do is stick to your new budget and check up on things every so often, right?

Creator tips for building a successful Patreon community

If you’re a creator, chances are you’ve entertained fantasies of having legions of fans love your work and tossing big bucks your way. Unfortunately, reality doesn’t always meet expectations and it can be hard to monetize your creative endeavors. Enter Patreon.

Freelancers: Beware of Write-Off Mentality

When hanging out with fellow freelancers, I’ll often hear the phrase, “No biggie. I can totally write off [insert sleek new office gadget, e-course, or conference here] for taxes.” That’s when I cringe. Freelancers frequently justify spending money on things they might not need for their businesses with the simple yet flawed reasoning that doing so will lower their taxes.

Friends of Cinch: Jackie Lam on Saving Money at the Bar – Cinch Financial

7 Ways to Save Money at a Bar (When Not Drinking Isn’t an Option) It’s your friend’s birthday. And of course, because she never worries about figuring out ways to save money at a bar, she picks the new bar downtown.

Impact investing: 4 apps for the socially conscious consumer

When it comes to being a socially conscious consumer, I’m constantly trying to strike a balance between being budget-savvy and syncing my values to my spending. While I ‘m apt to splurge on groceries by shopping locally and buying organic, I save by volunteering at my neighborhood time bank (where you barter services and goods for service hours), shop secondhand and concoct my own household cleaners.

It’s Never Too Early: Tips to Help You Save for Retirement in Your 20s – Zing Blog by Quicken Loans

Your 20s can be an exciting, yet challenging time: you’re starting your career, chipping away at student debt and putting the pillars in place for your adult life. In the midst of juggling other financial priorities, you’ll want to get a jump on saving for retirement.

Your Student Loan Grace Period and How to Take Advantage of It | KeyBank

It’s important to note that not all student loans have grace periods of the same length. According to U.S. News, while subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans have a standard six-month grace period, Perkins loans have a nine-month grace period. PLUS loans and private loans don’t have any grace period at all.

Why your senior pet needs an emergency fund

When Dennis Przywara’s dog Lucky was 8 years old, his eyes took a turn for the worse. Lucky, a St. Bernard retriever mix, needed eye surgery, which was an extremely long procedure and ended up costing more than expected-a hefty $5,000. Fortunately, Przywara had always made a point to save a rainy day fund for his two dogs.

Side Gigs That Pay You Just for Being You? I Tried Three

Selling crafty projects on Etsy, pitching creative skills on Fiverr or picking up jobs through TaskRabbit may require skills we don’t have (or work we don’t really want to do). But who couldn’t use a little extra money? Enter a different class of side gigs, where you get paid just for you being you.

Tips for Investing in Your 20s and 30s – Zing Blog by Quicken Loans

When you’re in your 20s and 30s, investing may not be exactly top of mind. And while you have tons to juggle – such as paying off student loans, saving for a down payment on your first home or growing a family – it’s also essential to prioritize saving money for the long-term.

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts: Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Love | KeyBank

Instead of throwing down for a flower bouquet that will just wilt within a week’s time, you could make your own gift. Going the DIY Valentine’s Day gift route will not only add a personal touch, but should also save you money. So get creative and write a song, shoot a video or jot down a love poem.

Downsizing? Here Are The Pros And Cons You’ll Need To Consider

Housing Finances A few years ago Dave Munson and his family decided to move from their 5,600-square-feet, 8-bedroom house in the city of San Antonio, Texas, to a smaller, unique living situation: tents. Well, fancy, upscale tents that total 2,000 square feet altogether.

How to Kick-Start Your Retirement Fund in the New Year

Buried underneath paying bills, digging out of a debt hole, and saving for your kids’ college is the marathon of money goals: retirement. Cue the fantasies of spending your days at a leisurely pace, working on The Great American Novel-at… Full Story

How I Saved On Car Insurance: Four Perspectives On How To Lower Your Premium

Owning a car and getting behind the wheel of it comes with a lot of responsibilities. And one of those is getting car insurance to protect you and your car. Car insurance really isn’t an optional expense. Do you own a car? Then you need to have some coverage on it.

I used an old savings trick to stash $5,000 in my emergency fund in less than a year, and I’d recommend the strategy to anyone

Personal Finance Insider writes about products, strategies, and tips to help you make smart decisions with your money. We may receive a small commission from our partners, like American Express, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

I’ve been using the personal-finance app Digit for nearly 3 years, and it’s helped me save $20,000

The personal-finance app Digit saves money automatically for you. For a monthly fee of $2.99, you get free bank-transfer notifications, a 1% annual bonus, and low-balance protection. Here, author Jackie Lam details how she saved more than $20,000 with Digit in nearly three years.

TD Bank Review

Weekend hours – Looking for a bank where you can step foot in the door after working hours? Many of its physical locations that are operating at normal operating hours are open on both Saturday and Sunday. No foreign transaction fees on a debit card -If you prefer to use your debit card while traveling internationally, there are no foreign transaction fees to pay on TD Bank’s debit card.

What Every Freelancer Needs to Know About Planning Ahead

No matter how on top of your money game you are as a freelancer, you’re bound to let a few things fall by the wayside. Between meeting project deadlines and hustling for new gigs, some of the “musts” on your… Full Story

Coronavirus Unemployment Benefits: How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits When Laid Off

Early Career, Unemployment While there are many reasons you might find yourself unemployed, the primary reason more individuals are out of work right now is due to COVID-19 layoffs. As COVID-19 has swept the nation, it has left many wondering what to do now.

6 Ways to Set Your Finances on Auto-Pilot

When I’m on top of finances, I’m all up in my money management apps, checking my balances and the swift progress I’ve been making on my savings goals. But when things aren’t going so hot? I’m like an ostrich with… Full Story

Easy Ways to Start Investing Your Money This Summer

Investments Have some time off during the summer months and can spare some time to up your money game? Or maybe you’re raking in extra cash from summer side gigs. Either way, you might want to think about some investing.

Become a “Flexpert” to Produce The Right Technical Writing for Every Business

Whether you’re crafting an ebook, user manual, or a set of product descriptions, as a technical writer your job can essentially be boiled down to one thing: simplifying the complex. If you’ve ever tried to explain to your grandma how a 3-in-1 printer or-heaven forbid, cryptocurrency-works, you know it’s far easier said than done.

How to become an expert Tasker on TaskRabbit

I love waiting in line at the post office – said no one ever. Enter TaskRabbit. Through the popular online marketplace, you can hire a freelance worker to help you with everyday tasks like mounting a TV to a wall, cleaning your bathroom or waiting in line for you at your favorite Sunday brunch spot.


How to Create a Budget That’s Perfect For You

“Come up with a budget-and stick to it.” It’s tried-and-true advice, but crafting that initial budget can be a confusing, overwhelming process. It doesn’t have to be, though. If you’re taking your first crack at building out your budget, there are some rules of thumb you can follow to help you avoid some common pitfalls.

How to Prevent Money Fights Before They Start

Follow these steps to clear the air and get on track for your financial future. We’ve all had that fight. The one about the budget, spending, or just finances in general. Maybe you want to buy that TV, and your partner wants to take that trip.

Holiday Investments: Give the Gift of Growing Dividends – Zing Blog by Quicken Loans

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means we receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended. Please check out our disclosure policy for more details. Trying to figure out what to give your loved ones for the holidays this year?

Content Standard | Skyword

Welcome to the Content Standard, the latest insight-backed content marketing news and resources, brought to you by Skyword.

Price Check: How Much Would It Cost To Move To Canada?

Canada is calling to some Americans like a siren song. In fact, when Trump won the presidential election last fall, Google searches for “Canada Citizenship” surged 4,550 percent, and Canada’s immigration site crashed. And what’s not to love with friendly folks, decent pop music (i.e., Go for Soda), free universal health care, and dreamboat Justin Trudeau as prime minister?


You Think Talking About Sex is Taboo? Let’s Talk About Money | Chime

Flashback several years ago to my last relationship. The guy I was dating at the time wasn’t open to discussing his “numbers.” Mind you, this was several years into our relationship. Although I disclosed how much I earned and saved, he was radio silent. Needless to say, it didn’t work out between us.

5 Ways to Prep Your College Budget

Budgeting in college can be helpful. Let Discover Student Loans offer you tips to help your college student budget.

Shopping for health insurance as a freelancer: How I did it

Updated Sept. 4, 2019: When I became a full-time freelancer a few years ago, I felt excited but nervous. Taking the leap from a desk job with benefits to solopreneurship was thrilling, but it also came with responsibilities and costs. One expense that needed to be addressed pronto was paying for my own health insurance.

From Side Gig to $6M Business: 3 Stories of Employees-Turned-Entrepreneurs

Turning a long-time hobby or side gig into a successful venture is no easy feat. It takes guts, laser-focus and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to advance the business. But once you’re on the other side? The potential benefits are seriously rewarding.

How to Save Money With a Simple Automation Hack | Chime

As someone who is lazy when it comes to managing my money, I abhor traditional budgeting and am picky about the tools and apps I use to up my financial game. But there is one thing I’m a huge fan of and can certainly vouch for, and that’s automating.

Money Saving Methods: Why Carrying Bigger Bills Will Help You Save | KeyBank

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research revealed that the size of your bills influences how inclined you are to spend them. The smaller the denomination, the more likely you’ll be to spend the bill. For instance, you’re more likely to spend 20 $1 bills than break a single $20 bill.

I Spend More Than 50% of My Money on Rent – Cinch Financial

Friend of Cinch, Jackie Lam, is sharing how these two sisters are making it work: If you toss a rock in the direction of the slew of personal finance literature out there, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll land on the 50/30/20 budget.

The Bicoastal Entrepreneur: Running a Business in Multiple States​

Virtual productivity and communication tools make it easy to work and run your business from just about anywhere. You could be based out of New York but have clients in California. The thing is, the exact state of where your company is operating out of can be fuzzy.

Money Manners: How to Talk Money with the Roommates | Chime

Ah, roommates. While it’s great to have someone to split the rent with, those convos about paying the rent and how to split the bills can be tricky. Here’s the thing: leaving dirty dishes out in passive-aggressive protest doesn’t usually end well.

Are You Ready to Foster a Dog? | The Honest Kitchen Blog

And you dream about taking in a pup that could really use a cozy bed to sleep in. But before you jump right in with fostering a dog, you’ll want to be prepared to take on all the responsibilities that come with it.

Tips for Creating Your Own Dog Documentaries | The Honest Kitchen Blog

“There’s never been a dog I didn’t like,” Przywara, a filmmaker and editor who lives in Los Angeles, says. “Seriously, I could live in the land of dogs if it existed!” Przywara was inspired to make dog documentaries after talking it up with fellow animal lovers at a local dog park.

How to Turn Your Financial Fails into Massive Wins for the New Year – Banking Made Awesome

As you look back on this past year, you might think about some money mistakes that resulted in serious facepalm moments: Yea, I totally shouldn’t have gone cat lady crazy and adopted those six cats at the same time. Or: Buying a timeshare is like owning your own vacation rental, right?