About Me

I’m a seasoned personal finance writer and brand storyteller with over six years of experience. I’ve worked with over 60 brands in the financial services industry, from fintech startups to Fortune 500 companies. My bylines have appeared in Business Insider, Salon, and GOOD Magazine. As money is inherently rife with emotion, I seek to reveal compelling stories and emotions around money. Through my perpetual curiosity, I aim to convey information and share resources in an easy-to-understand way so the reader can make informed decisions. 

Beyond writing, I’m a candidate for the AFCPE® financial coaching certification, and I offer services as a freelance business and money coach. While I feel as if the answers are always within, I serve creatives and artists who are building their freelance business, and offer guidance on holding paradoxes, managing energies, and creating spectrums based on individual desires, motivations, and goals.